If you don't want to lose your new transformation:


(without having a restricted life)

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The Reverse Dieting Program

How Does This Work?

After completing the 8 Week Transformation Challenge, you now have many questions about what's next and how to have freedom in your life and still keep your body fat low.

Enter the '8 Week Reverse Dieting Program'

Your complete strategy - how to live an unrestricted life and be able to eat whatever you want (whilst still looking incredibly lean).

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The Benefits

Why Do The Reverse Dieting Program?

This program is designed to help you make that transition into maintaining your newly built physique by providing you with a nutrition plan and workouts specific to you.

Look Incredible...Forever

Proven methods to ensure you maintain what you’ve built and don’t slip back to a high body fat %

More Defined Muscle

Gradually increase your calories and protein to enable you to lift heavier and get stronger

Step-By-Step Approach

A ‘done-for-you’ method that you can follow and really take your body to the next level

Sustainable Nutrition

A complete plan created for you that shows you what to eat and ensures that you enjoy it!

"This Program 100% Works!"

Amazing Results From The Reverse Dieting Program

Many people have achieved incredible physiques after doing this special program

Heather before & after photo

Heather Keddie - 59.5kg

With a tailored training and nutrition plan, Heather managed to increase her calories to 2100 per day. She focused on building muscle and continued to lose fat at the same time.

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Jade before & after photo

Jade Hillman - 58.5kg

Jade was apprehensive about increasing her calories after achieving such an amazing fat loss result. But after following the plan, she was surprised at just how many calories she could eat, whilst staying in amazing shape!

Jordan before & after photo


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Demi before & after photo

Demi Hardie

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Martin before & after photo

Martin Scade - 84kg

Martin decided to reverse diet after his fat loss phase, and as result, he successfully increased his calories to a sustainable amount (3300 per day), built muscle & remained lean.

Amazing Reviews

See Why Others Are Raving About This program...

The thoughts and feelings of people just like you who have gone through the Reverse Dieting program

Heather photo

Heather Keddie

Verified Review

"I’m enjoying eating much more food, gymming, and I’m feeling far fitter and stronger than I have done for a long time. This Reverse Dieting program really does work!”
Martin photo

Martin Scade

Verified Review

“Having a plan does make a crazy difference! I wasn't sure what to do after the 8 Week Challenge, but I went for the Reverse Dieting and it's the best decision I've ever made!”
Ryan photo

Ryan Mason

Verified Review

“This is hands down the best thing I’ve done for my diet, training and general all-round lifestyle. It was the perfect way to focus on me and help me build new habits after completing the 8 Week Challenge!"
Jamie photo

Jamie Lawson

Verified Review

"It has been a challenge but I have never felt better physically and mentally. I will be highly recommending this Reverse Dieting program to anyone looking to make that transition after the 8 week Challenge!
Jade photo

Jade Hillman

Verified Review

"I’m a kilo lighter than the end of the 8 week challenge, which is crazy! I'm able to stay lean and build significant muscle. I would recommend Reverse Dieting to everyone!"
Bryan photo

Bryan Simpson

Verified Review

“Big thanks to @thetransformationchallenge! I’m blown away with my results and didn’t think it was possible to see such a big change in a short time frame!"
Maintain Your New Transformation

The Ultimate Solution For Sustaining Your Physique

So many people make the mistake of slipping back into their old habits, and gain fat as a result. If you want to make sure you look incredible all year round, then this program is for you

Reverse Dieting


Significant Fat Loss
Impressive Transformation
Reverse Dieting


Significant Fat Loss
Insane Transformation
Bigger & More Visible Muscles
Consistency In Physique
Sustainable Eating Habits
A 'Done-For-You' Method
Structured Workouts
Guaranteed Results

The Step-By-Step Secret To 'Stay In Shape' 356 Days A Year

Get acess to your own reverse dieting program, designed to make your new transformation sustainable

No Restrictions On Your life
Total Nutrition Freedom
Complete Consistency
Complete Eating Strategy
Personalised Workout Plan
Your Own Progress Tracker
An Easy To Use System
The Secret To Sustainability
Frequent Support


If you still have a few questions, you can find the answers below: -

What is reverse dieting?

Reverse dieting is the diet after the diet. It involves increasing your daily calories slowly and strategically, to help raise your metabolism and maintain the results you have just achieved. Achieving a result is hard work. The goal is to avoid the yo-yo dieting that many people fall victim to - Lose a lot of fat, gain a lot of fat. Lose a lot of fat, gain a lot of fat. Take control and keep your result!!!

Who is this for?

Reverse dieting is for anybody who has just completed a fat loss phase, and are now ready to increase their calories, maintain their result, while remaining structured and accountable.

Will I gain weight during a reverse diet?

Some people might gain a little bit of weight, whereas others might continue to lose weight. The goal is to increase your calories, while not gaining any body fat at all.

How long does reverse dieting last

The reverse dieting phase lasts 8 week, and is similar in structure to the challenge. The difference will be your calories and macros increase over time, your steps will reduce, and your workouts will be new.

Do I need to track my calories during a reverse diet?

Yes -  we recommend tracking your calories throughout the reverse dieting phase to ensure you are hitting the goals accurately. The goal by the end of the reverse dieting phase is to be in a position where you no longer have to track, and you body can 'handle' more calories.