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An Easy To Follow FREE Meal Plan - For You

Discover how to indulge in your favourite foods whilst consistently losing weight.


21 Incredible Low Calorie Meals

Tailored exclusively for you to cover your breakfast, lunch and dinner (every day for the whole week).


7 Breakfasts (Under 490 Calories Each)

Kickstart your mornings with quick to make meals that keep calories low and energy high - all in under 10 minutes!


7 Lunches (Under 510 Calories Each)

Midday recipes to encourage fat loss, each crafted to cater for your busy schedule - ready in 15 minutes or less!


7 Dinners (Under 530 Calories Each)

Wrap up your day with easy meals that are perfect for weight loss and incredibly filling - take no longer than 20 minutes!


5 Snacks (Under 350 Calories Each)

Quick and filling snacks to eat in-between meals that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and are low in calories!

Your own FREE 7 Day Mouth-Watering Weight Loss Meal Plan!

Lose 10lbs In Time for Christmas (Without Giving Up the Foods You Love)!

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Say goodbye to bland, restrictive diets and hello to satisfying meals that are bursting with flavour!

FREE 7-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan

Each day is carefully planned to help you lose weight without feeling hungry or low on energy (yes, these meals 100% work).

Quick & Easy Recipes (that take no longer than 20 mins)

Whether it's a smoothie on-the-go or a quick healthy stir-fry after work, you'll get recipes that fit into your busy schedule

Tasty Meals

Enjoy a variety of easy-to-prepare, amazing recipes that are bursting with flavour and super low in calories.

Feel Full & Still Lose Weight

Each meal is designed to help you naturally reduce your calorie intake without feeling deprived!

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